Photo of Jan Irvine-Nealie

Visual artist working in a contemporary
textile medium.

My art textiles combine an artist’s approach to image making with the age old tradition of stitching through layers. The resulting textile surface is physically strong and aesthetically alluring – mesmerizing to the eye and tempting to touch.

In thirty years of studio practice I’ve evolved an individual and unique style of working. My use of airbrushed pigment onto textile to establish an image combines with patient, repetitive stitching over the surface to achieve a visual statement in textile form. The work is stitched entirely by hand, creating a surface texture that portrays subtle shifts in mood as it responds to the ambient light of its environment.

My imagery reflects my environment and records my responses and impressions. My subject matter usually depicts open landscape, real or imaginary. In response to a working visit to China in 2007, I began to explore interior studies and still life subjects, extending my compositional awareness.

Still the landscape beckons…