During the past thirty or so years I have pursued my impulse to make visual art statements through the use of textile materials and techniques. My subject matter is largely drawn from landscape, both known and imaginary. Through landscape I have explored my own sense of physical and metaphysical place. I’ve used landscape as a symbolic stage for exploring ideas and simply for the pleasure of tracing its majesty and mystery. I’ve used textiles as a medium for rendering images, uncovering a natural affinity with its flexibility in both form and function. Initially, I progressed quickly through traditional fabric methods until I found the versatility of airbrushing dye onto whole cloth to achieve my composition.

Early in this progression I began using a hand stitched effect across the entire work. Punctuating fabric layers with an army of stitches is a peaceful, meditative process which suits my purpose and the resulting surface, a link to early ‘stipple’ quilting of the past, beguiles me still. Its soft, undulating texture and shifting quality of light has become a known characteristic of my work today.

I enjoy a wide acceptance for my art textiles and have been represented in national and international exhibitions and publications. In addition to my studio practice I’ve worked as an exhibition designer, arts administrator, teacher/lecturer and coordinator of community development and public arts programs.

I live and work with my husband, woodfire potter Chester Nealie, in a rural setting in New South Wales, Australia.


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